Tuesday, May 17, 2011

210 Calorie Breakast Smoothie

My friend Karry told me about how she can't ever seem to get enough calories in during the morning, so that her metabolism stays on the run all day. A common enough woe in dieting. I make these smoothies in the morning and drink them on my way to work. That way, I've got a bunch of calories in me for my body to get working on, and I don't have to make extra time in my morning to sit down an eat breakfast.

Strawberry-Banana-Beach Smoothie


1 small-medium banana
1 80 calorie yogurt
1 cup frozen peaches



Break banana into 1 or 2 inch pieces. Place in blender. Empty yogurt container into blender. Fill yogurt container with water once, swirl around to get yogurt stuck to the side of container and dump water and yogurt mixture into the blender. Put 1 cup frozen peaches into blender. Blend until smooth - put into cup. Best drank with a straw.

Calories 210, carbs 48g, fat 0g, protein 6g.


Wal-mart brand yogurt works great for these smoothies - but doesn't taste very good on its own. So if you plan on eating yogurts other than putting them in these smoothies, I would go with the Dannon brand, their light yogurts have 80 calories rather than YoPlait - who's lite yogurts have 100 calories.

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